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Study of the colour, in which the tones that best suit the client will be studied. Not all colours favour in the same way, so it is better to know which are the ones that can favour us the most.

The study of visagism in personal image consulting is another very important point in which the type of face that the client has is analysed. Factors such as eye, skin and hair colour are also analysed to coordinate everything and create a facial visual harmony in addition to studying what type of colours are the ones that suit you the most.

In the personal image, this aspect of the color of eyes, skin and hair is very important because this will help us to carry out the colour test. Knowing these tones we can determine whether the temperature of the client will be warm or cold, terms that we will detail in another article. With the analysis of the temperature we will be able to know what shades will favour you the most, for example in terms of hair colour, makeup, and of course clothes.


The French Manicure, is an idea originally from Paris, it is characterized by the natural pink base of the nail with white tips. Looking like a natural nail. The tips of the nails are painted white while the rest of the nail is painted with polish in a pink tone or with a colourless layer.

This basic manicure helps us to start taking care of our nails and starting from this base we can develop the manicure finish that we like, the basic manicure consists of the following steps:

  • We remove make-up from the nails
  • We cut and / or file
  • We treat the cuticle
  • We massage your hands
  • We make up the nails (enamelled)

Semi-permanent manicure

This manicure is one of the most in demand in beauty centres, it has an intermediate duration between the traditional and permanent manicure and this allows you to change the colour of your nails or the type of manicure to be performed more often.

And we also have to consider that it has in its favour that it is less aggressive with the nails than the permanent manicure.
Even so, and like everything in life, it will depend on the products used in the beauty salon, since there are even permanent manicures with high-quality products that take care of the nails.

Maria José Bolívar

Our office manager

María José has been with us since long before the creation of Valley, The Boutique Clinic, and has been instrumental in helping us in the development of various businesses associated with the clinic, here in Melegís.

She has a diploma in tourism and courses as a tourist information technician and tourism development agent, and she worked on other projects in the Granada tourism sector before joining our team.

In addition to her native Spanish, she is fluent in English. She is the pillar of the office, she has a Certificate of Excellence in customer service and many of our users have established friendship with her through her relationship with the company. On the technical side, María José has attended Office Management courses and she knows all the systems we use in our company in depth.

For the directors, and similar to the Robinson Crusoe novel, she is the “Woman Friday” of Valley, the Boutique Clinic.

Antonio Tapia


Antonio graduated as a farm assistant.

In 2015 he began to work with us and is the main protagonist of our garden and orchard, of which he is super proud since from the beginning he has been the one who has given it life and colour.

In the least expected place you will find Antonio taking care of his precious garden.

And a curious detail about Antonio is that he is also a nursing assistant, very much in line with our new project.


Our Director

Doctor by profession and vocation, also linked to the business world.

The career of Carmen, manager of the company, began in the world of medicine as a specialist in the assessment of bodily injury and work disabilities. She also had her own private aesthetic medicine clinic, later linked to large pharmaceutical laboratories and, finally creating her own own SMEs. She is very involved with rural tourism in El Valle de Lecrín, the area where she lives.

Now, given her entrepreneurial nature, she has developed this new business project oriented to health tourism, both nationally and internationally.

She has a degree in MEDICINE and SURGERY at the University of Oviedo, specialized in Nutrition and Health through various studies and a Master’s in food biotechnology, specialist in the assessment of bodily harm and occupational disabilities; she also holds an M.B.A. and Master’s degree in aesthetic medicine, as well as various master’s degrees in the most innovative techniques in this field.

We literally quote the words of Dra. Carmen Gallego herself, manager of the company: “Now I have created the clinic I have always dreamed of, a relaxed atmosphere in a quiet environment where I can treat my patients in the best possible way. After suffering and recovering from cancer, I have always been looking for a place like my valley to share my dream, a place that offers the opportunity to be in harmony with nature, while enjoying the most innovative medical aesthetic facial and body treatments, to increase your confidence and well-being. Hence Valley, the Boutique Clinic. “


Mientras bailo no puedo juzgar. No puedo odiar, no puedo separarme de la vida. Solo puedo estar alegre y entero. Es por ello que bailo. “Hans Bos.”

Arte – Cultura van de la mano bajo el ritmo, el compás y la expresión de tu cuerpo. Nuestra bailarina profesional Chary te ayudará a sacar tus sentimientos a través del baile flamenco, y aprenderás a coordinar tus movimientos mientras defines tus músculos y te pones en forma de la manera más divertida.


La salud física es el primer requisito para la felicidad. “Joseph Pilates”.

Nuestra experta profesora Chary se encarga de este entrenamiento funcional. La correcta alineación y postura solo será posible cuando el mecanismo completo de funcionamiento del cuerpo esté bajo control. Ofrecemos modalidad de entrenamiento activo/pasivo y rehabilitación de lesiones.


Summer Night’s Dream. “William Shakespeare”. “William Shakespeare”.

Relive the dreams of a summer night with our al fresco evenings, enlivened by pleasant music in a relaxed family atmosphere to enjoy a cocktail surrounded by the best surroundings. The best ending to a full day of treatments and activities.


a la Alhambra y barrio histórico

Dale limosna mujer, que no hay en la vida nada como la pena de ser ciego en Granada. “Francisco de Asís de Icaza.”

El tesoro cultural de Granada no solo se mide en tener el palacio árabe más importante de todos los tiempos, sino por su legado gótico, renacentista, plateresco y barroco a lo que hay que sumar la admiración que despiertan sus bellezas naturales. Todo esto la ha convertido en una ciudad idealizada con una atmósfera poética de leyenda cautivadora.
Descubre junto a nuestro guía Ron los rincones más bellos de la ciudad de la Alhambra adornados por las interesantes historias y curiosidades que te contará durante el paseo.


My garden is my most beautiful work of art. “Claude Monet”.

Learn how to take care of your garden from our handsome gardener Antonio (el Rubio). He will teach you tricks to make your flowers look beautiful so you can feel as proud of your work as he is of his precious orchard, the most valuable part of our Valley community.
It will also give you the best healthy gardening tips, with which you will enjoy and learn to grow your own fruits and vegetables in an ecological way in a natural and fresh environment that will allow you a connection with the earth and the benefit of doing an exercise that promotes physical, mental and emotional well-being.
You can participate on your own or with family and friends.
And most importantly, you will enjoy unique flavours while respecting the environment.


Todas las enfermedades comienzan en el intestino. “Hipocrates”.

Nuestra chef (Samantha) y cocinera (Maribel) te enseñarán a preparar deliciosas y saludables recetas para que aprendas a cuidarte de la forma más amena y placentera. Recuerda que cuando comes bien, te sientes bien.


Walks with Ron and Xana

Walking is man’s best medicine. “Hipocrates”.

Enjoy beautiful walks through the mountains of the Lecrín Valley. Our guides (Ron and his dog Xana) will show you the best routes and paths to observe the most spectacular views of the valley and will show you the unique flora and fauna of this region of Andalusia. We offer different types of routes, from a walk through the villages and their surroundings to longer and more laborious routes for more daring hikers.

OUR CLINIC has floor space of about 100m2 housing the reception, treatment rooms, a rest room and the office of our director who personally supervises each treatment.

OUR VILLAS: A selection of unique rural villas are available for you if you are staying with us during treatment.  All the houses have their own delightful charm.  Some have views to the hills and mountains surrounding the valley and others are intimately nestled in their own gardens.

OUTSIDE LIVING AND GARDENS. The resort is set in one acre of sculpted gardens with different environments, including a chill out area, an outdoor kitchen with a wood oven, barbecue and outdoor dining areas, flower areas, sports areas (gym, yoga and pilates area, swimming pool…), poolside baths and organic garden.

EVENING AND BISTRO BAR. In the evenings we can bring in our own accomplished chef to prepare meals to be taken on the patio or organize barbecues at the outside dining area. Music evenings can also be arranged in the summer months.

OUR CLINIC It consists of a floor of about 100m2 considting of a reception, four rooms for the different treatments that we will carry out, toilets, and the office of our director who personally supervises each treatment. tratamiento.

OUR VILLAS: a selection of unique and idyllic rural villas for you if you choose the option of staying with your treatment. Each house has its own special charm. Some have views of our beautiful valley and others are surrounded by their own gardens creating an secluded and intimate atmosphere.

OUTDOOR AREAS AND GARDENS. The resort has approximately 5,000 m2 of well-kept gardens with different environments, including a chill out area, an outdoor kitchen with a wood-burning oven, a barbecue and an outdoor dining area, floral areas, sports areas (gym, massage area, Pilates and yoga, private pool…), bathrooms by the pool and chill out, and organic garden.

EVENINGS AND STEAK BAR. In this outdoor space we will enjoy evenings enlivened with music and other events to contribute to the relaxation and disconnection of our users, since our philosophy is based on offering an intimate, relaxed and family atmosphere that will help physical and mental improvement to achieve the optimal result of our treatments.

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